Report Cards

     Your pet will receive a report card with information about their boarding stay when you pick them up!  It is important for you to be a part of this experience with your pet, and we want to be part of that care.  Their report consists of how they ate, who their friends were, how they responded to staff, etc..  Please ask questions!! 

     We also provide daycare report cards, though not as often, you may receive them if behaviors have changed, if you had concerns, or if they got a boo boo playing.


Sleepover!!!!  Rest assured, your pet is in loving hands!!  We want what is best for them and every need that they have WILL be met.  Do they have a favorite blanket? Need medications?  Require a special diet?  We accommodate all personalities, sizes, families, and needs.  With kennels in small, large, and family sizes you are sure to find exactly what you have in mind for your furry companion.  You are welcome to bring everything your pet will need to be comfortable, but we STRONGLY recommend bringing their food.  We can provide food but at an additional charge.  Please understand that this is in effort to make their care and their stay a great experience.  A new environment and a change of food causes an upset stomach and a not so fun stay.  We can provide blankets and bowls so you have less packing but that is completely up to you.  We don't want your pet to miss out on necessary medications so please don't hesitate to make us aware of them, there is no additional charge, however we don't administer insulin shots or vaccinations.

0-50 lbs: $24.00 a night

51 and over: 30.00 a night

Please call for extended stay rates




Smelly dog?  We have you covered!  We can give that winter coat a fresh new look, or give that summer fur a beautiful shine!  We also offer baths on the last day of boarding so you can bring home a clean, smiling face that will melt your heart.  Need more than a bath?  Central Bark is located within our building and is sure to be able to give your pet a fancy new do that will have all their friends howling as they walk by.

*Appointment Necessary, Please book in advance*

All prices subject to change

Daycare Play Dates

Daycare services are provided for your pet's comfort.  None of us can compare the love of our pet to any love we have ever known.  There is something that is unique about the things that we want to provide for them that is different from anything that we have and do provide for others.  Whether you have an anxious pet that struggles with being left alone or just want to spoil them with "friend time", daycare is a great option.  Hawthorne Pet Den strives to send home a very tired, content, and happy pup that will beat you to bed instead of keeping you awake.  We have 1/2 day and full days available for your convenience, as well as daycare cards.

1/2 Day (5hrs or less): $8.00

Full Day (Up to 12 hrs): $15.00

Please call for daycare card rates


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